The Rosettes

  • Your rosettes are individually crafted, alongside is  a gymkhana range based on traditional colours (still handmade) suitable for quick ordering,
  • We are able to offer 3 main pleat types, Mayfair, Portman and Berkley









  • Our rosettes are made from quality satin woven edge, American acetate ribbon and metallic ribbon, in a wide range of colours being either bold or pastel.  Suggested colour ways can be found on the website.  Combinations of colours can easily be worked e.g. red and white, blue and white, or red and pink or for a further example the colours of your organisation,
  • Tails will be supplied according to tiers ordered 1 and 2 tiers 2 tails, 3 tiers 3 tails, but can be bespoke and provided foil blocked for that special occasion,
  • Centres are either 50mm or 68mm, available in a wide range of colours, gold foil blocked, with your organisations name printed around the edge with either a motif or placing in the centre, the gymkhana has 50mm centres,
  • All rosettes are supplied with either bridle clips, brooch pins or white tape.
  • Rosettes from previous years can usually be accurately matched if a sample is supplied even if provided by a different company.
  • Special orders can be accommodated where not available from ‘The Range’, please just ask.

Suggested colours ways

Modern Traditional/ Pony Club
1st Mail Box 1st Windsor
2nd Windsor 2nd Mail Box
3rd Sunshine 3rd Ivy
4th Ivy 4th Sunshine
5th Rose Pink 5th Rose Pink