Information and Prices

Competitors Numbers:

Oblong per set 100 (1-1000) includes black ties  –  £11.15p per 100.





Kidney Shaped per set of 100 (1-1000) does not include ties –  £22.32 per set.

Black ties per 100 – £3.07p

Official/Members badges:

A wide range of colours (see centre board colours), gold foil printed with organisations name and rank of intended wearer in either round or shield shapes.  Badges can be supplied broach fitting or a length of cord for shield shape badges.  A length of ribbon be can attached in the form tails or sash at a slight extra cost.  Minimum Order 10 badges.  38p each for 50mm round badges and 44p for 68mm round badges add 7p for ribbon.  NB broach pins may exceed the width of letter postage rates if posting to your members etc.








Prize Cards:








126 x 170mm, Red 1st, Blue 2nd, Yellow 3rd, Bright Green 4th, Orange 5th,   21p each.

Overprinted with show name etc. £5.17 setting up per change of wording 55p per card